About Us

“You’ll hear the influence of alternative bands like Alice In Chains throughout the harmonies…With a sharp-nod towards old-school metal… towards the Ozzy Osbourne kind of sound in many ways…

“You can hear the fire and determination straight away in For All Recorded Time… intense instrumentation and some supreme guitar work through badass solos…rhythm section of bassist David Wendt & drums of Ian Yale keep ticking along like clockwork… always competently in line with each other and always give that room and space for the guitars to do their thang in full note-shredding glory. Super-impressed with the guitars of Shawn Duffey…they’re meaty enough to chew on each and every song.”
– Jer @ Sleepingbagstudios review of album.

For All Recorded Time began in 2012 as a collaboration between guitarists Shawn Duffey & Ben Litwack. The pair sought out drummer Ian Yale and began writing new material, later recruiting bassist David Wendt. The group began playing shows around Tulare county, and by the end of the year were in the studio recording their self titled album. The band hosted a large CD release concert when the album was completed in May 2013, followed by many more performances throughout the remainder of the year.

In mid 2014, Ben left the group to further his education, leaving the remaining members to restructure as a three piece. New songs were written, new genres were explored, and material was reworked into a diverse musical palate that reflects the varied influences of the trio.